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     Hey,thanks for visiting my blog. I would love to tell you some things about myself. My name is Angeles and I’m 14 years old, I was born and raised in Mexico. Lived in Mexico for about 7 years till I moved to the United States. I’ve lived in the United States for about 5 or 6 years now. I love living in the U.S. I don’t really think I could go back to live to Mexico, if I’m honest.

       My interest are the basics. I love to play sports, listen to music, and hang around with friends. One of my favorite singers is Bruno Mars, I love most of his songs including ”Marry You” , ”Runaway”, and ”It Will Rain”. The sport I love to play the most is volleyball, I’ve loved to play since I can remember. One of the places I hang around with my friends the most is either the mall, or a park.

       For my career I want to be a photographer. I love taking pictures of all my family, and all of the places I’ve been to. Also I want to be a photographer because I want to travel around the world. I think being a photographer is perfect for me and my likes.

          If  I were to live any were I would love to live in Los Angeles,California or Las Vegas, Nevada. I love the city and everything that comes with it, but one of my biggest worries is to live my family. I’m really attached to them and I think I would cry when I leave them. I know that my life is going to change a lot when I leave for college. That’s why I’m going to enjoy while I have them.

         I really hope you enjoyed knowing about me, thank you once  again for visiting my blog I hope you have a really nice day.


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